AIM Platinum Plan

Aug. 1,
Aug. 1,

The AIM PLATINUM PLAN offers all the benefits of the AIM Gold Plan and includes the most comprehensive series of benefits available in today’s travel medical services market at an affordable price.

However, the real value of a medical plan exists in the company behind the plan and its proven ability to respond in a time of need, day or night.

It is important to have personalized private medical attention when you are thousands of miles away from home. It is also important to have
coverage by the preeminent name in medical services and respected name in Israel.

For the past 28 years the AIM Medical Center and its staff of physicians and personnel have been providing private personalized medical care for persons visiting Israel.

The AIM Platinum Plan will provide for the sudden onset of pre-existing conditions and a maximum limit of $200,000. and many other benefits listed below.


Medical Maximum $200,000. No deductibles* No co-payments*

Preexisting conditions* If you have a prior health condition which suddenly and unexpectedly asserts itself, the AIM PLATINUM Plan provides a limited amount of coverage to help for conditions which have not required ongoing or intermittent treatment over the past 18 months.*
March of The Living Trip to Poland* Provides for 14 days Full Coverage to Poland or Uman.
Alternative Medicine* Complementary or Alternative medicine is used together with mainstream medical care. An example is using acupuncture to help with back pain, neck pain, and migraine headache.
Traditional Chinese Medicine* A 3500 year old practice of natural effective methods to provide medically proven treatments for a wide range of illnesses encompassing many different practices including acupuncture moxibustion amd herbal therapy.
Computerized Tomography*
MRI’s are included coverage
Physical Therapy* Chiropractic Care*
CAT scans and bone scans
Magnetic resonance imaging*
Herbal Therapy* Podiatry
Vision Care* $100. Maximum / year for exams and glasses materials After 12 mo. of continuous coverage*
Lost Checked Luggage* $250. Per year*
Trip Delay/Missed Connection* Maximum Limit of $100/day after a minimum of 12 hr. delay period

Hazardous Sports activities are not included, however, the Supplemental AIM Sports Rider is offered as a voluntary coverage that students registered on the AIM Platinum Plan, can purchase. Contact the AIM administrator. *

*All benefits are in accordance with the Terms & Conditions published on the AIM Website at and the Master Agreement which is available upon request by contacting the AIM Administrator at