Dear Parent,
As a parent, I understand the concerns common to parents sending their children abroad. As a physician, I know how important personalized private medical attention is to a student who is thousands of miles away from home.

For the past 30 years, we at AIM have been providing the type of quality medical care that puts the minds of both parents and students at ease. Thousands of students learning in Yeshivas, Seminaries and educational institutions throughout Israel have benefited from our private care and when needed — the personal attention of the best specialists in Israel.

Recently, the medical care system in the United States has undergone major changes with many health plans and HMO’s no longer providing coverage for dependents abroad. The AIM Gold and Platinum Plans are designed to provide complete medical coverage for students studying in Israel at a lower cost than the deductions on most U.S. Health Plans and HMO’s.

Most important, is the students’ feeling that an AIM physician is their family physician away from home and the concerns of parents are being eased.

We hope the student accomplishes his/her objectives in their study program. We will be available if they need us.

Dr. Steven Eagle